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I first became part of able more than 10 years ago.  I started going to the Executive Roundtables which allowed me to voice some problems I was having with my business.  The access to people in the same circumstances was unprecedented. The networking has been great and the professional relationships that have developed from my involvement are extremely valuable. I gained so much value from these sessions that I wanted to be more active. I started volunteering to teach a section of Step Up To Leadership, Hosting roundtables and I also became a Board member four years ago.  Being a part of AEBL allows me to gain from other’s experiences and also give back to an industry that has been very good to me.  I highly recommend being involved in AEBL.

John Cowdery

Senior Vice President, TRC Solutions

AEBL is by far the best professional and business group I’ve encountered. My participation in AEBL has expanded the scale of my interest, knowledge, and involvement in growing our business operations, as a manager and leader in my firm.

Karen Chapman, PE

Project Manager, T.Y. Lin International

AEBL has provided our employees access to industry best practices including risk management, marketing strategies, and measuring firm performance.

The Executive Roundtables have provided our leadership team peer-to-peer interaction and discussion of common business issues from board governance to shareholder value and ownership transition.

Susan Essaf

Director of Human Resources, Lionakis

I believe AEBL fills in a missing link for leadership in our industry by providing forums and venues for people to come together in a way that allows for meaningful exchanges on meaningful topics.  I think the style of AEBL, where there is enough facilitation and provocative topics, but not too much, builds an environment where participants can seriously engage other leaders and managers with what is on their mind, get some good feedback/insights, and build a network that spans a career.  While outside the AEBL functions, we may compete in the market place, but on the inside, we are just a bunch of leaders trying our very best to be the best, and AEBL is a great place to grow those skills.

From  a more personal point of view, AEBL has allowed me the opportunity to share my experiences for the benefit of other leaders and managers, thus fulfilling my desire to give back to the industry more broadly.  In turn, I have developed some really life- long relationships that are priceless.

Lisa Larabee

CEO, Harris & Associates

The tools AEBL provides are essential to any A/E/Environmental business leader. Through AEBL’s sessions and events, I’ve expanded my network, learned new skills, honed old ones, and have grown both personally and professionally in an exciting industry.

Dan Spiers

Principal, 2020 Environmental Group

AEBL has provided me and my firm with the knowledge and tools needed to lead and grow a successful practice.  The access to firm executives and the opportunities to learn are extraordinary.
Elizabeth Halton