415-527-0980 ExecDir@aebl.org
8 Hughes, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618

From 9:00am until 12:00pm

At BrightView Design Group

8 Hughes, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618

General: $35 / Firm Member: No charge for up to 3 employees

This experiential learning workshop will demonstrate how improvisational skills can enhance engagement and collaboration through increased trust, active listening, evolved creativity, improved communication, andsharpened focus.

Key topics for the program include: developing strong/functional relationships, creating a net- positive feedback process, individual/team adaptability, suspension of judgment, collaborating internally, collaborating with clients, self awareness vs. self consciousness, the effect of "but" & analysis paralysis, and the benefits of a "Yes, and..." mentality.

Attendees will understand how to apply these skills in their  workplaces to improve their individual and team processes through behavioral adaptation.

Facilitators: Westside Corporate Creativity is a division of both M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theater ™ www.westsidecomedy.com and Business Improvisations  www.businessimprov.com .

The company utilizes improvisation to create world class training and productions for their clients, typically small-to-medium size businesses. Westside Corporate combines the academically-rooted training expertise of Business Improvisations, with the professional entertainment chops of the country’s most prolific improv comedy group, Mission IMPROVable.

A light lunch will be served after the event.

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